Data Backup and Recovery

Business Continuity Backup = Total Data Protection

Having a stable and robust backup and data recovery plan in place is a very important part of your business. Many people think that simply having an external hard drive will be enough. However, this is only a tiny portion of what a backup really means. Tech Tonics is after Total Data Protection – or Business Continuity planning.  What does all this mean to me or my business?

Basically it’s total protection from natural disasters, hardware failure, malicious activity and surprisingly the most common of issues – user error; all things that potentially stop your business in it’s tracks.  Costing you time and money.  We protect your data and your systems with redundant copies locally AND in the cloud allowing us to re-create your entire infrastructure on the fly with minimal downtime.

In addition to this state of the art backup/recovery technology we also offer Anti-virus protection and education for you and your staff because did you know, 94% of people can’t distinguish between a real email and a phishing email 100% of the time.  This is how the bad guys can get in.  And if they don’t this time, they try again until someone, somewhere clicks the link.

We like to always say Plan to Fail – studies show that businesses with a robust disaster recovery plan in place report increased savings and enhanced system reliability even without a disaster. Studies also show that when businesses Fail to Plan only 6% survive a disaster.

Gone are the days of manually “backing up” files and folders to an external drive – Contact Tech Tonics today for a look at our state of the art, automated, worry free solutions.  Say goodbye to business down time, and hello to fast and easy business continuity.