Physicians: Is Your Practice’s Office Network HIPAA Compliant?

We received a call from the office manager of a physicians group here in Bucks County, PA asking if Tech Tonics could help them upgrade their office technology. The group had recently purchased a practice and the existing software and tech was terribly out of date. That’s right in our wheelhouse so, of course, we were happy to help.

Upon the initial evaluation, it was apparent that their biggest issue was that their internal network was not secure and, therefore, not HIPAA compliant! Through our HIPAA Compliance Audit, we showed them where their patient information (and privacy) was vulnerable.

To address the problem, we worked with the practice to determine where they were most vulnerable and developed a layered approach to make the necessary changes while keeping disruption at a minimum. Over a two-month period our maintenance and management services upgraded their network and security, provided information back-up services, and trained and educated each of the 15 employees to ensure continuity across the business. We also continue to offer them help desk support and make ourselves available for additional services and training as needed.

So, what is the lesson here? Well, doctors, don’t just assume that your office technology makes you safe, secure, and HIPAA compliant. A simple “check-up” can determine whether you are at risk. And if you are, the solution may be relatively simple and “minimally invasive.”

Contact Tech Tonics if you are concerned (or simply don’t know) if your existing tech leaves you vulnerable.